Manitobans are rallying behind Operation Excellence. Our donors and volunteers—along with patients and medical personnel—see this as the right campaign at the right time. Read below, and return to this page, to be inspired by words of support and confidence.

A community of supporters and champions

"Our Operation Excellence campaign will reduce wait lists, improve care, and shorten hospital stays. We are starting to see positive impacts! With your continued support we are acquiring more new technology and developing new, state-of-the-art operating rooms. We’re grateful for your support of Operation Excellence and Manitoba’s hospital!"

— Jonathon Lyon, President and Chief Executive Officer, HSC Foundation
Headshot of Tina Jones, O.M., smiling; Tina has short blonde hair and is wearing a black blouse

"With the support of generous Manitobans, we can ensure that HSC stays on the leading edge of health care for years to come. Together, we will equip HSC with the latest in diagnostic and surgical technology for all Manitobans. Thank you for your support!"

— Tina Jones, C.M., O.M., Chair, HSC Foundation Board of Directors

"HSC Foundation donors always step up to the plate. As a surgeon, I am grateful. As a Manitoban, I am proud. Through Operation Excellence, you can have your greatest impact yet as your support will help Manitoba’s hospital acquire the latest minimally invasive surgical equipment. That means better care for everyone."

— Dr. Edward Buchel, Surgery Site Director, Health Sciences Centre

"Operation Excellence is our plan to ensure better patient care. New surgical spaces coupled with technologically advanced equipment will help us address the surgical backlog, and bring patients back to good health as quickly as possible. And with more minimally invasive surgery, we can custom tailor anesthesia and pain care to individual patient requirements."

— Dr. Chris Christodoulou, Provincial Anesthesia Specialty Lead, Shared Health

"Operation Excellence isn’t about taking small steps. It’s about taking giant leaps forward. The campaign is funding the acquisition of impressive new equipment that helps HSC take surgical care to the next level. When it comes to supporting important initiatives, Manitobans always punch above their weight. Let’s all support this vital campaign for Manitoba’s hospital."

— Christine and Paul Soubry, Operation Excellence Donors

"What touches us about Operation Excellence is that we can make life easier for patients at HSC as well as their families, the surgeons, the nurses, and the whole health care system. Winnipeg Kinsmen are proud to support this important campaign."

— Hiren Shah, Vice President of Service, Winnipeg Kinsmen

"With your support, we will have a modern hybrid vascular surgical suite which will allow surgical teams to switch from traditional surgery to minimally invasive techniques—or vice versa—depending on the patient’s needs. That flexibility and the exceptional technology we will acquire will help Manitobans get the best surgical care possible."

— Stacey Brown RN CPN©, CRN Vascular & Transplant Surgery, Health Sciences Centre

"At Canada Life, we recognize quality health care builds the foundation for strong communities. That’s why we’re proud to support the HSC Foundation’s capital campaign to develop surgical and diagnostic capacity. We invest in the development and expansion of innovative care at regional hospitals because we care about the well-being of Canadians."

— Stephanie Halligan, Manager, Community Relations, Canada Life

“I had severe nerve compression caused by a hockey hit when I was 17. I lived in pain for over a decade until I was referred to HSC. Thanks to the spine surgeon’s skill and new navigational equipment funded through Operation Excellence, I can dream of living pain-free and even skating again.”

— Raegan (Trapmore) Milani, former HSC patient

"I see first hand and up close how donors to the HSC Foundation make life better for our patients. Your support of the Operation Excellence campaign will ensure that we can acquire the latest minimally invasive surgical equipment. Your generosity helps us deliver the best care possible to Manitobans."

— Heather Chapko, RN, BN, Nurse Clinician, RR4 Plastic Surgery Clinic, Health Sciences Centre

"We are at a pivotal time in health care in Manitoba and I am confident that Operation Excellence is the right way forward. This campaign is a game-changer and I am proud to support it."

— Mike Moore, Operation Excellence Donor

"The Jewish Foundation of Manitoba was established in 1964, not only to support charitable causes in our own community but to contribute to the quality of life in Manitoba for everyone. We are proud to support Operation Excellence because—with technology and innovation—it will enhance the well-being of all Manitobans."

— Dr. Bonnie Cham, Chair, Board of Directors, Jewish Foundation of Manitoba

"I’m a young Manitoban and I realize the power of donors to accelerate innovation in health care. As someone with a background in technology, I feel it’s important to embrace new technologies and ideas to deliver results. Programs like Operation Excellence for HSC do just that. Your support raises the bar and provides better patient care."

— Aaron Wojnowski, Operation Excellence Donor

"With your support, HSC’s talented and committed staff can deliver improved patient outcomes. By funding better equipment and better spaces, Operation Excellence donors can ensure that Manitobans get more timely surgical care so they can get back to living their best lives as soon as possible."

— Margaret and John Proven, Operation Excellence Donors

"Operation Excellence will revolutionize health care in Manitoba. With a successful campaign, we will position HSC for long-term success, ensure better outcomes for patients, and make HSC an employer of choice for leading professionals. Please donate today."

— Jim Eng, HSC Foundation Board Member

"Thanks to your support of Operation Excellence, we are acquiring new, state-of-the-art technology that will improve health care for Manitobans. Through your generosity, we will shorten wait times, shorten hospital stays, and improve patient outcomes. Thank you for your ongoing support!"

— Dr. Manon Pelletier, Chief Medical Officer, Health Sciences Centre

"Health care is facing serious and immediate challenges, which can only be addressed by bold and innovative solutions. Operation Excellence is founded on those very principles. It’s time to rally together to make positive change. Please donate today."

— Katie Hall Hursh, Vice Chair, HSC Foundation Board of Directors

"With donor support of the HSC Foundation’s Operation Excellence campaign, we are starting to see remarkable progress at Manitoba’s hospital. New, state-of-the-art diagnostic and surgical equipment is arriving, and new operating spaces are under development. Your support of this transformational campaign will keep the momentum going at HSC. Thank you!"

— Dr. Shawn Young, Chief Operating Officer, Health Sciences Centre 

"I am proud to support Operation Excellence! With new equipment and new spaces, our hospital will be able to attract and retain more doctors, nurses, and other health care professionals. With my automated monthly gift, HSC can count on me just like Manitobans can count on HSC."

— Signy Hansen, Operation Excellence Donor

"This is a grand vision for health care in Manitoba. Working together through Operation Excellence, we can have an enormous impact on the pursuit of innovation as we strive to provide the most advanced care available anywhere."

— Ray Bouchard, HSC Foundation Board Member

"Seamless access to a strong health care system is the key to building a happy and healthy society. We have had positive experiences with HSC and feel strongly that with everyone’s support, Operation Excellence will enhance life in Manitoba."

— Mary and Gregg Hanson, Operation Excellence Donors

"Operation Excellence will have a profound and lasting impact on our health care system, which is vital for the well-being of all Manitobans. Donors at all levels have a role to play in transforming and modernizing care. Your gift will change lives. Please support HSC—Manitoba’s hospital. OUR hospital."

— Jackie Wild, HSC Foundation Board Member

"Over my career, I have seen the impact HSC Foundation donors have on health care. Operation Excellence is our opportunity to have the greatest impact ever by supporting the acquisition of the next generation of minimally invasive surgical technology."

— Dr. Michael West, CM, OM., Retired HSC Neurosurgeon; Operation Excellence Donor

"We like that Operation Excellence is designed to put the most up-to-date diagnostic and surgical technology in the hands of front-line personnel taking care of Manitobans. With this new equipment, our health care professionals can do their best work, and HSC can attract and retain leading medical talent."

— Kristie Pearson and Doug Pollard, Operation Excellence Donors

"We are fortunate to have exceptional surgeons and other medical professionals at HSC. I have experienced their care and have tremendous confidence in their skill and dedication. Through Operation Excellence, we can provide them with state-of-the-art equipment so they can do their best work."

— Melanie Tooley, Operation Excellence Donor

"Through the HSC Foundation’s Operation Excellence campaign, HSC’s Pain Clinic will double in size and we will be able to double our caseload to about 12,000 a year. With your support we can prevent the worst effects of chronic pain and aspire to become a pain-free Manitoba. Please donate today."

— Dr. Ryan Amadeo, Medical Director, Manitoba Pain Care Program, Health Sciences Centre

"We like the innovative, entrepreneurial spirit that is driving Operation Excellence. This campaign presents Manitobans with an unprecedented opportunity to invest in making health care more efficient. By improving systems and upgrading equipment and spaces at HSC, we can ensure better care for everyone."

— Lisa and Steve Kroft, Operation Excellence Donors

"Through my experience, I know that donors can have a significant impact on the well-being of our patients. When my colleagues and I have access to state-of-the-art diagnostic and surgical equipment, we can do our best work. Operation Excellence is raising the bar."

— Dr. Biniam Kidane, HSC Thoracic Surgeon

"As parents of a nurse, we understand how important it is for frontline health care personnel to have the best equipment and the best workspaces available. Supporting Operation Excellence is a great way to support our health care heroes and invest in exceptional care for Manitobans."

— Sheri Betker and Gene Fraser, Operation Excellence Donors

Help us deliver tomorrow’s health care, today.

The investments we make today will ensure a tradition of surgical excellence and innovation for ourselves, our children, and our grandchildren.