Corporate Challenge

Rallying leading businesses in support of health care excellence

Join us before December 31, 2024!

Headshot of Katie Hall Hursh

Kaite Hall Hursh, Vice Chair, HSC Foundation Board, Co-Chair, Operation Excellence Corporate Challenge Campaign.

Headshot of Ray Bouchard

Ray Buchard, Director, HSC Foundation Board, Co-Chair, Operation Excellence Corporate Challenge Campaign.

As owners and executives, business leaders can accelerate the monumental Operation Excellence campaign—the largest campaign in the history of the Health Sciences Centre Foundation.

Through Operation Excellence, individual and corporate donors are funding the purchase of numerous pieces of state-of-the-art, minimally invasive surgical equipment; and the construction and redevelopment of new operating rooms and clinical spaces at HSC. We invite you to join us!

The goals are bold, but essential for elevating health care in Manitoba. Operation Excellence will:

  • Help end surgical wait lists;
  • Provide patients with the most advanced surgical care possible;
  • Shorten hospital stays, reduce the risk of post-surgical complications, and lower the likelihood of re-admission;
  • Reduce stress throughout the health care system, including Emergency Department wait times; and
  • Attract and retain top surgical talent to HSC from around the world—professionals eager to provide the best possible care.
Four doctors wearing blue surgical scrubs performing surgery in a hospital operation theatre.

We have made important progress to date, but there is much more work to do.

We invite you today to accept the Operation Excellence Corporate Challenge.

  • Be recognized as a LEADER with a $250,000 commitment; or
  • Be recognized as a FOUNDER with a $100,000 commitment.

Contributions can be paid in instalments over five years.

We also urge companies to invite their employees and colleagues to participate. Campaign promotional materials are available for your use.

Make your mark as a champion of innovation and excellence in health care for generations to come.

To request an in-person or virtual presentation about Operation Excellence and the Corporate Challenge, please
contact Tansey Buike at or 204-953-2798.